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Professional Kitchen Installation Service

Your kitchen is where all the really important action happens. The kitchen sets the tone of the day from the very beginning to the very last night snack and makes everything better and easier when it is perfectly coordinated. A well-appointed kitchen is beautiful, reliable and joy to work in. This is why you should call the experts at Santa Rosa Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling for all of your kitchen needs. 


It is almost impossible to walk through a less-than practical kitchen without thinking of ways to improve its dynamics. Professional kitchen remodelers will have the special ingredients you need to create the kitchen you have been dreaming of. You can change the entire set up to something a little more interesting than what the contractor built with the home. 


You can add a kitchen island or move one feature of your kitchen to another location. You can make more room and improve functionality in so many ways. At Santa Rosa Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling we offer our services to help you design the décor and setup you really want in your kitchen. 

We can design and build any type of cabinet that you want or customize your cabinets to achieve a variety of effects both functional and aesthetic. 


  • Semi-Custom
  • Stock / Manufactured
  • Custom built-in our shop
  • Kitchen Countertops Construction

We also specialize in providing kitchen countertops of the highest grade. Our quality installation services will ensure the longevity and beauty of these valuable kitchen additions. We have much experience in helping our clients maximize the versatility of their kitchen space with a number of attractive countertop options, including:


  • Polished Granite Countertops.
  • Wood Countertops.
  • Marble Countertops.
  • Honed Granite Countertops.

Among other types are available for our customers.

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There is hardly anything better on a warm summer afternoon than taking the cooking outdoors. But, who wants to go through the hassle of wheeling out all the yard equipment each time you want to fire up the grill. An outdoor cooking area makes all the delicious flavors and health benefits of outdoor cooking a practical reality rather than a carefully planned event– for next summer!.

Call the expert kitchen designers at Santa Rosa Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling to help you come up with a plan that works perfectly for your outdoor area. 

There is hardly anyone that doesn’t enjoy cooking outdoors, but for families, this is very important. This is why our clients place so much value in our specially designed kitchens built outdoors. One of the major concerns is how much yard space a project like this will require. We are proud to say we can create a fully functional outdoor kitchen that maximizes every square inch of valuable real estate. 

Depending on how much space and budget you have aside for this project, here are some of the qualities we would like to add to your outdoor cooking experience: 

  • Extensive Space Utilization 
  • Integrated Lighting Arrangements
  • Custom Built Grill Islands 
  • Custom Designed Fire Pits and Fireplaces with various fuel sources
  • Outdoor Appliances


While it may seem a mundane object in the broad scheme of things, much of the kitchens functionality will be impacted by how suitable the kitchen faucet is for the needs at hand. There are many different elements that will need to be adjusted when remodeling a kitchen. It will be important to think about how the plumbing will play a role in the final product. 

To many DIY-type homeowners, replacing the faucet for something a bit more functional is no problem at all. But, even here there are many ways that this can be messed up and cause a major setback. If you are interested in a more complex faucet system or are considering some specific needs, it might be best to work with the professionals from Santa Rosa Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling. We can handle all these jobs with skill and experience that makes our work highly valued.  

Not everyone can afford to complete the entire kitchen remodeling in one fell swoop. In this case, it makes sense to knock out as many smaller tasks as possible to leave the more costly changes for when savings have increased. Changing the faucets is a smaller type project but has a major impact on the functionality and dynamics of the kitchen. You may think you already know exactly what you need, but you don’t know the vast array of options on the market like we do. Call Santa Rosa Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling and let’s have a free chat about your plans. We might be able to offer you something you hadn’t thought of yet that can save you cash and provide superior service.


The sink in the kitchen is another important point where functionality and beauty can be enhanced considerably without addressing the entire kitchen. This is another job where the professionals at Santa Rosa Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling have a great array of solutions. With over 30 year operating in Santa Rosa, CA we have the knowledge and skills to make your sink functional, beautiful and economically attractive too.


Why Professional Kitchen Sink Installation?

The sink in your kitchen will be receiving a lot more action than you might think. It certainly pays to have this kitchen element addressed by a knowledgeable professional. There are many small aspects to the task that ensure the sink will function well and not be causing leaks and drips that can cause even more problems. 

In addition to a hefty water bill, your leaky pipes can lead to water damage and mold problems for which you will need the services of a qualified mold remediation company to address. The best way to avoid these and other such issues is with a proper kitchen installation crew. 


Kitchen Sink Installation Checklist

Installing a sink, no matter how large or small is not necessarily a hard task, but it is a extremely precise job. The smallest errors in installation can lead to a lifetime of issues. Eventually, you may have to call the professionals anyway. 

But, if you do choose to try to install the kitchen sink yourself, here are a few thing you should keep in mind: 


  • Time – it will take a day and half to properly remove the old sink and install a new one with the garbage disposal and dishwasher connections. 
  • Necessary Tools – Electric drill, groove-joint pliers, screwdriver and adjustable wrench. 
  • Needed Skills – have an intermediate understanding of faucet installation, garbage disposal installation and trap connecting. 

Materials List 

  • Sink
  • wire nuts
  • appliance extension cord
  • supply tubes
  • garbage disposal
  • trap assembly
  • flexible copper line
  • drain hose (usually included with the dishwasher)
  • drop cloth
  • plumber’s putty 
  • air gap

Santa Rosa Bathrooml Contractors

Count on all the work done by Santa Rosa Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling to begin with a detailed project proposal that clearly outlines the costs of all aspects of the projects including labor and materials. If your projects will require certain building permits, we will be able to handle all of this. 

At Santa Rosa Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling, we can handle all types of kitchen remodeling projects with the best price and the greatest possible quality. Count on us for that eye for beautiful design coupled with practical improvements. Call us today at 707-504-0747 to discuss the nature of your projects.

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