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What to Know About Kitchen Cabinet Contractors - Refinishing and Refacing

Whether you need extra storage space in your kitchen or something that has unique style and beauty a good set of cabinets is always a clever idea. But Because of their constant use and locations in a steamy greasy area of the home, cabinets are prone to attrition. The bright crisp colors can become faded and the hinges and fittings aren’t as snug as they once were. 

When the passage of time finally catches up with your kitchen cabinets, there is really only one thing that can be done. You will need to call in a talented cabinet contractor to come in and refinish, reface or completely replace your kitchen cabinets.

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If you are looking for a cost effective way to bring back that bright and inspiring new kitchen you may think about a refinishing job. This process of restoring, painting and restraining your cabinets will restore their visual appeal. The refinishing process will restore the visible surfaces of the cabinets while leaving the structure and mechanical aspects as they are. The entire refinishing work will begin with a thorough cleaning, degreasing, minor repair work and if needed a repainting or restaining. This is a simple and fairly easy process that can greatly improve your cabinet’s visual appeal and not cost very much.



The final results will be a kitchen with cabinets that look as good as new and sometimes better. The best thing, you will have saved a considerable amount of cash when compared to having your cabinets replaced.



Classic Cabinet Refinishing

You can also have our cabinets’ condition revitalized with a classic refinishing process. This new finish will make your cabinets look completely new. Our process is by far the most family-friendly, fast, safe and affordable method on the market, call us up to find our more.


Cabinet Color Change

So you were happy with bright candy-apple red at first, but now you are thinking a softer tone would be more appealing and you can’t be paying for a full remodeling job. Our cabinet color changing services will be perfect then. We can offer a full range of color changing services with special solutions for different types of materials.


Custom Color Finishes

Another way to change the appearance of your kitchen will be with a special custom color finish, we have a full palette and an exciting array of options that can help you achieve that look that is just perfect.


Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Changing the color of your kitchen is one of the most cost-effective ways to breathe new life into this important area of the home. We can paint your cabinets the colors you would like and this is much more affordable than changing the entire cabinet set.

You may have newer cabinets that will only require minor cleaning and repainting or wood staining. Or, your cabinets may be older and showing their age. This type of work could use some resurfacing and wood refinishing. No matter the task, your cabinets will look immaculate when our work is complete. No one will be able to discern a difference between your refinishing work or an entirely new set of cabinets

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Having your entire kitchen remodeled is going to place some serious strain on your home life and limit access to the kitchen for some time. But one way to avoid that hassle and enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful new kitchen is with a cabinet refacing job that will give you that kitchen you always dreamed of, but at a fraction of the coast. 


What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing is the quick, hassle-free and cost-effective path to creating a new look and feel to your kitchen cabinets. The task involves replacing the visible parts of the cabinets, like the doors and drawers with the styles, wood type and special finish that you’d like. We then select matching refacing materials to apply to all the exposed panels and other visible portions of the cabinets. 


Is cabinet refacing a good option for every kitchen?

Cabinet refacing is the perfect solution for the homeowner who likes their kitchen layout, but would like to see improvements in the appearance of their cabinets.  This option is especially well-suited to those kitchens that already have attractive granite counter tops or other important elements they would like to keep intact.


Some of the most important advantages of a cabinet refacing include

  • Fast – this task will only take a few days to complete.
  • Convenient – we will be using the same structures so there is no heavy installation work. 
  • Green Option – because we will not be creating more waste materials, we save the strain on the local landfill. 
  • Kitchen Access – you will not be restricted from the kitchen while the process is being carried out.
  • Extensive Options – there are virtually thousands of different combinations of doors, materials, styles and visual effects to create. 
  • Budget Saving – all the looks of a complete kitchen overhaul, at a fraction of the cost.


Kitchens are such an important place in the home as this is where the family is drawn to the warmth and good eats. This is why Santa Rosa Kitchen & bathroom remodeling provides kitchen solutions of all kinds. 


Storage solutions are in high demand, in the kitchen functionality and convenience must be emphasized. If you like to cook you will be fascinated by the countless ways out special cabinet systems can make your kitchen work a song and dance. 

Organization is essential to avoiding disasters. You can expect our storage solutions to cut back on the clutter that can cause accidents and sap the joy of cooking. We also offer drawers, cabinets, shelves and corner cabinet options that take full advantage of every inch of space and provide you with easy access to all the things you need. 



In most cases, kitchen cabinets are made of a sturdy ¾-inch plywood. When you are customizing your kitchen cabinets, you are essentially assembling a kitchen from its raw materials. Nothing is premade and everything will have to be selected. This is, of course, the most expensive way to go about getting a new kitchen. 



Another option that can be just as beautiful as full-custom cabinets, is semi-custom cabinets. Here the plywood applied to the task is 3/8-inch and can be made from real or imitation materials. Bamboo is one of the more popular materials used for semi-custom cabinets today – and especially Green option. When building a semi-custom kitchen, some of the components will already be made. This is a slightly more budget-friendly option.  


With precision designs that will fit any kitchen setup, out semi-custom and custom cabinet designs will feature storage solutions and setups that will make everything smoother and easier. By freeing up counter space you will be able to function more efficiently. And don’t worry about getting bogged down in the tiniest details, we have a special process that will walk you through all the decisions in a clear and intuitive manner. 


What if you don’t feel like renovating? What if you are completely satisfied with the way your kitchen looks? 

Then in this case maybe you would like to consider our wide variety of effective and convenient storage options? We have a wide range of solutions including lazy susans, roll-out pantries and other storage and space saving solutions that you will just love. Storage solutions can be a great way to improve the functionality and flow of a kitchen that already looks terrific. 

If you are looking for top-quality kitchen remodeling to meet your exact specifications, you need the experts in kitchen remodeling. You need the experts at [company, call us at 707-504-0747 for a free estimate on your project.

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